Summary Of How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

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In the novel How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, The girls have a hard time with assimilation. Because of this it has the girls confused on how to adapt to America. In America, the girls cannot ask for as much as they use to in the Dominican Republic. The reason for this was because Carlos cannot find a job so they were short on money. Because of the Garcia girls moved back and forth between two places, they tend to struggle to fit into America. Why was assimilation hard to the girls? They had a hard time doing what they wanted because their mother always choose what they do and what they wear. Once they moved to America, the girls were able to experience life and find their identity. “The mother still calls them the four girls, even though the youngest is twenty six and the oldest will be thirty-one next month” (Alvarez 176). This shows that they still do not have any freedom and still gets treated like little girls but they are grown and adults. While the girls are in America they are treated differently. Their mother does not give them any air to breathe. While at the restaurant, the mother picks food and drinks for them and will not let them get anything they want. “No elbows, no cokes, only milk or -”Mami paused which of her four girls could fill in the blank of how they were to behave at the restaurant with the fannings” (Alvarez 168). This shows what the mother tolerance is while they are at the restaurant. Money was looking low, so there was not an option for
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