Summary Of ' I Am All Ears '

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I stood on the doorstep of my mother’s house and cleared my throat. She answered the door and signaled for me to enter. I browsed the room to discover all of her belongings packed up. "You never told me you were leaving?" "I’m moving to Houston in a couple of days, but there’s something we need to talk about." "I’m all ears." I plopped down on the couch across from her. "I’ve changed my mind. I want you to stay as far away from Claudius as possible.” “Why?" “He’s not what you think he is” “Now you too?” I rolled my eyes. “I came to tell you, I’m leaving with him." "Don 't!" She clutched my arm like a scared cat, her nails bit deep into my skin, and blood to seeped out. "I’m so sorry." She scrabbled to the kitchen to get me a rag and peroxide. "What made you change your mind?" I trailed behind her to the kitchen. She handed me a cloth and squeezed her eyes shut. I poured peroxide on the rag and pressed it against my cut as it fizzled. My skin experienced a slight prickling sensation. "I 've had this recurring nightmare that Claudius transforms into a hideous monster." "You’ve been watching way too many horror films.” I scoffed to veil the discomfort that burdened me. "I know he’s a watcher” “What?” “I was shown it in my dreams” “You can’t be serious” “It all started when I moved into this home your fiancé bought me.” “You really need to get some sleep” I shook my head. “When you were a little girl, Zev and I used to hear you talk to someone. At first, I thought

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