Summary Of I Just Wanna Be Average By Mike Rose

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In his essay “I Just Wanna be Average,” Mike Rose approaches his argument based off of his own personal experience, revealing the unjust curricular and teaching styles in lower level education. Rose utilizes his credibility and relatability to the subject and the systemic organization of his essay to further his claim.
Mike Rose has a long list of acclimations and credentials. He is a publisher, a professor, and “has won awards from the National Academy of Education, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.” The fact that he is a successful writer and teacher, and clearly has experience in the education system greatly increases his credibility. From the small background section on Rose in the beginning, the reader knows that the author is qualified to state his claim on this subject, because he is a well educated and well respected man. This is made even more clear through his writing. The premise of Rose’s essay is delivered as a narrative. This is his most fundamental approach in developing his claim. In his essay, he is essentially addressing two audiences; directly addressing those who have experienced the vocational track, and informing those who have not. He is able to relate to both audiences because he was placed into and “remained in the vocational track for two years,” and then was later recommended to “begin his junior year in the College Prep program.” His first hand experience in each educational program

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