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BY: Nitesh Goel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 1) She is described that she is poor and she is black. This proven by the quote she is a "too-big Negro girl with nappy black hair, broad feet and a space between her teeth that would hold a number-two pencil." 2) Mr. Steward, the white former sheriff, comes to warn Momma that the whites were on the path to hurt or kill a black because they say a black man has “messed with” a white woman. Momma hides Willie in the potato and onion bins in case the mob comes. She views this “act of kindness” as if the sheriff has done a huge favor on them. She was angry because Marguerite knows that if the Klan had come to the house at all, they surely would have found Willie and killed him. 3) Marguerite loves her brother, because he is handsome and kind to her. Bailey protects her, and she admires his intelligence and he is good at stealing treats from the Store. Maya’s ugly appearance, Bailey makes sure to avenge his sister by insulting the offending party. One time my brother helped me when I was being bullied and he did not get them back but he would help me feel better and would tell a trusted adult. 4) Momma won because she remained calm and did not fight back. Soon later the powhitetrash gave up and went away. I had a similar victory when my brother was being really annoying I remained quite instead of yelling at him soon he realized that I did not care so he stopped. 5) My personal response on the sister Monroe scene was that this is

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