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“I want a cheeseburger.” In the scorching hot city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, a teenage boy, Raul, his friend, Amaad, and his brother, Sahid, meet at a rendezvous about an hour before school. The rendezvous was Raul’s place, an enormous mansion with many convenient automations A house like this is very common in this part of the world, primarily because of the oil rich deserts. Anyways, they are at the rendezvous for a reason, another thing very common in this part of the world is rich kids deciding they don’t need school. For some very weird reason, something more towards skipping school happens on weekdays. Maybe it could be because they need to “go to the hospital”, or maybe because they are just scared to learn. A most…show more content…
One time, he replaced the toilet paper for the hoax BHP sheets. Another time, he put many of these fraudulent pieces of paper in an expensive watch box, and gave them to Sahid, as one of those jokes you see in videos. “I do beg of you to stop doing such things.” “Stop talking like an old, archaic Brit so we know we can actually understand you when we talk about the getaway vehicle.” “Okay, so I was thinking about, say, I don’t know, the 458.” said Amaad. “Ah, Amaad, the man with not the plan, but with splendor, enough of the rear-wheel drive okay, that stuff just can’t cope with the off-road bit,” said Raul in an ecstatic to enraged tone. It was a habit of Raul’s to mock people, particularly with Amaad and Sahid, he thought he had the power. “For all of the off road things, I would recommend the GT-R.” said none of the young trio, but the father of Raul and Sahid. “I’ll keep that in mind,” lied Raul, while punching Sahid to try to keep him from arguing. There was one key reason why the GT-R was not a good choice for the getaway. The GT-R was the car they had

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