Summary Of ' I 'm Crazy '

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"I 'm crazy." Lollusuwe said. "I 'm climbing for something that probably doesn 't exist." "Wow. I almost fell." He said scared. "Climbing the most highest mountain in Zaumtia...the boss better be happy. And I hope this project goes well." "Nelunwov couldn 't exist. A man who is that powerful could have never been alive. Especially, how the stories went. How he caused so much chaos." "It 's so cold and the temperature is unbearable. Ugh...I should catch my breath." He paused for more energy. "Okay. keep moving, Lollusuwe. Huge rocks could slide any moment." "I need to reach for just a few more rocks. Uh..almost there." Suddenly, his heart almost stopped. "Wait no! My hand is slipping!" As he became closer to the very top of the…show more content…
Not to mention, fall to his death after the shock. "Deep breathe. Don 't look down. If you do, you 'll just become dizzy...and fall. And we don 't want that, do we?" He then took even more deep breaths. "In...and out. In...and out." "I should check my puffy tail for pebbles." Lollusuwe had thick hair. his Afro was amazingly huge. He would usually have his hair out. But on expeditions he would put it in a puffy tail so debris won 't ruin his fluffy. "Okay. Hair 's fine." "Time to embrace rather my boss was right or not. I hope to the Sual he 's right." He looked up and awed by the beautiful scenery. There was a statue made from gold. "Wow. So this is Nelunwov 's grave?" "I hope I don 't fall into a sudden appearing pit." Lollusuwe took a few more steps until he reached the stand for the statue. "Okay, let 's boss said this is his last burial ground. Meaning this happened before. So there is an obituary somewhere about his life." He observed the statue until he saw black words embroidered on the stand. 'Here lies the center of evil. Nelunwov 's body may rest and be deteriorated but his soul is very much alive and trapped inside his golden tombstone that shows his statuesque face. ' Lollusuwe stepped a few steps back and observed Nelunwov 's tombstone. "He 's handsome because he looks like me. Haha." Nelunwov had a majestic Afro. Plumped lips. Assuming the color light red based on other Zaumtians.
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