Summary Of ' If It Weren 't For The Honeysuckle '

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In life we have our so called “happy place” that make us realize that we still have a chance to live life the way we want to and gives us hope that one day it might come true. In the short passage “If it weren’t for the honeysuckle” Estela Portillio Trambley, we are introduced to the main protagonist Beatriz who is married to an older man named Robles. As the story progresses we se that Beatriz’s only purpose was to be a slave to Robles. Robles is never home but when he brings home another wife named Sofia, he starts to not pay attention to Beatriz. Beatriz gains a companionship with Sofia and cannot stand to watch Sofia be afraid and abused by Robles anymore. Beatriz finds mushrooms in her garden that poisons Robles and kills him, as she finally feels a sense of freedom at the end of the story and the hope that she so dearly wished for in life came true. The garden in this short story plays a big role in her life, as the garden signifies hope in Beatriz’s life. Hope is what we as people have to keep us going in life and striving through life to accomplish or something we desire will eventually happen that we want in life. The garden was something she built with her own hands just like her home that she cherishes and accomplished something that only men were viewed in the society as being able to complete such a feat. Her building and taking care of the garden shows her passion and determination in life, as it is something she crafted and learned on her own with no ones…
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