Summary Of Indian Education By Sherman Alexie

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Sherman Alexie, in “Indian Education” tells his experiences in school on the reservation. Some of his teachers did not treat him very good and did not try to understand him. In his ninth grade year he collapsed. A teacher assumed that he had been drinking just because he was Native American. The teacher said, “What’s that boy been drinking? I know all about these Indian kids. They start drinking real young.” Sherman Alexie didn’t listen to the negatives in school. He persevered and became valedictorian of his school. In first grade I had a very hard time with a teacher in school. The teacher would yell at me a lot. The teacher did not understand me. I would get angry and frustrated and I would throw desk and chairs. In third grade I was diagnosed with autism. I started reading in kindergarten. By the end of my first grade year I could not read any more. My mom was worried. For second grade my mom moved me to Canton elementary. I had a teacher named Ms. Landry. She was magical because she understood me and knew how to talk to me. I also had a good speech therapist who also helped me get better. I decided to work hard on my schoolwork, behavior and learning how to communicate. By the end of third grade I came within five points of passing the CRCT. It was a huge jump from not being able to read at the beginning of second grade. My mom and Ms. Landry were dancing. During fourth grade I went to an air show with my family. I saw the Blue Angels and decided that I wanted to do
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