Summary Of ' It 's The Zombie Apocalypse ! '

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How to Survive the Dead?…..The Walking Dead ‘’It’s the Zombie Apocalypse!’’ If you recognized the saying, then you really do pay attention to The Walking Dead. If anyone out of the 17.3 million who is interested in this game then this is for you! This paper is going to persuade all video gamers to go out and buy ‘’The Walking Dead Season 2’’ video game based on the reviews that will come from the Telltale Games Critics, Game Radars, and more. The New York Times calls it,’ The Most Excellent Game! ’that’s in stores now to this day. Warning this game is rated M for mature. Based on the video, Telltale Games proved that Clementine’s story is worth to continue throughout the season which will be told later on in the paper. So it has successfully persuaded the video gamers to go out and buy The Walking Dead video game based on the emotions to face throughout the game and the logic of hard, choice making decisions.. Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse? In the beginning of the video, the trailer starts off where a girl named Clementine who finds herself lost, alone, afraid, and frightened in the world that she’s trying to understand. One day her parents went on a vacation and they had returned ever since. She believed that they got attacked by the walkers. She learns later on in the game to not to trust people that could be turned into the walkers. As Clementine grows, develops, and reacts to other people, the time is near. This is where the Telltale Games

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