Summary Of It's By Matthew J. Kirby

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This is my book. It’s by Matthew J. Kirby. It is about 3 children named Giuseppe, Hannah, and Frederick. Giuseppe is an orphaned street musician, who earns money each day to give to his master by playing his violin. Giuseppe thinks that he will never be able to go back to his home in Italy until one day he finds a green violin. When Giuseppe plays the green violin, he can earn more money in 2 songs than a whole day of playing with his normal violin. But his hopes are shattered when his master finds the green violin. Hannah, a strong willed girl, is a maid in a grand hotel. With a sick father, Hannah struggles to earn enough money for her whole family to survive on. Her life is one of the constant struggles until she meets a new guest at the hotel and learns of a mysterious treasure. The new guest “Mme. Pomeroy” hires Hannah to become her personal maid as she was on the verge of being fired. But Hannah steals a diamond necklace in order to pay for her father’s…show more content…
Anyone who likes reading and can understand it. Maybe someone my age. There are a couple scary parts but the rest is fine. It’s definitely a page turner. The author was able to intertwine the lives of 3 people perfectly. It’s very suspenseful and it keeps you wondering even after the book. The author made the story and characters seem alive and real. It also tells the book in 3 different points of view. Unlike the character Superman, the characters in my book are anti-heroes. They have characteristics like a hero, but also faults. Frederick is a master at building clockworks, but he is also greedy and grabs the clockwork head even though they were trying to escape the museum. These faults cause them to become anti-heroes. They are more relatable and we can experience the same thing they are going through. These antiheroes are a bit more better than the usual ones, which also allows us to look up to them and they persuade us to follow their journey through the
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