Summary Of It's Mighty Cold In This Blizzard

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Meanwhile sheamus and the two boys are fighting through the blizzard. “ It’s mighty cold in this blizzard, ain't it? ” asked Sheamus. “ It sure is pa, “ answered Neil. “ Y-Ye-Yes s-siry, “ said James “ACHOO, sniff, sniff ” “ Oh No, your getting a cold, we got to get to bloom fast, But how, this storm is blinding” said Sheamus in fear. They were 3 miles away from Bloom. Sheamus told Neil to get the blanket out of the back of the spring wagon. Neil did so but being careful not to fall off. the ground was getting tough, bumpy and their horse was getting cold and tire. Neil got the blanket and put it around James so he can be warm… While the three girls and one boy were playing, Betsy couldn't keep her mind off Sheamus and the two boys.
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