Summary Of John Goodman 's ' The Red Flies '

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Young Goodman Brown kisses goodbye to his wife as the sun sets outside their village in Salem. His wife Faith who was wearing pink ribbons in her hair, asks him not to leave. She asks him to sleep in his own bed tonight, because she is afraid when she is alone. Goodman tells her this one night he must go, out of all the days in the year. Goodman tells his wife to say her prayers, and go to bed before it gets dark outside and she will be safe. He must be doing something wrong, because he looks back at her and feels guilty for leaving her for this one errand.
Goodman Brown took a dark, dreary road within the forest. He talks to himself, in fear that people are hiding behind the trees. He thinks the devil, or Indians will be hiding. He turned back and a man appeared in the distance. The man appears dressed in average clothes, and he tells Goodman that he is late and Brown uses his wife as an excuse. This man appeared to be around the same age as Goodman Brown. He appeared older slightly, and carried a staff with a snake carved into it. The man offers him the staff so they can travel faster. Goodman refuses, and says that he came for the meeting. He came to meet, then he wants to return home to his village. Goodman tells the man that his family has always been smart people not doing bad business in the woods, and he will follow their footsteps. The elder man claims that he knew Goodman’s family, and helped his grandfather.
Young Goodman Brown still wants to return to his village
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