Summary Of John Of DamascusExposition Of Orthodox Faith

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John of Damascus’ “Exposition of Orthodox Faith”
John of Damascus was another prodigy of the early Church, having extensive knowledge of a wide range of subjects during his life, which spanned from the late 7th century to the mid-8th century. In this brief excerpt of his book, John of Damascus discusses the same fundamental ideas Augustine covers, namely the in-depth understanding of the Holy Trinity. His purpose, as previously stated, is to clarify misunderstandings the Trinity and to expel false teachings such as modalism and polytheism.
John begins in chapter one by explaining that though God is identifiable through nature, He is undiscoverable except by divine (special) revelation. Once again, the term incomprehensible is used to describe God, but seems to imply that apart from Him telling us through His Word who He is, He would be incomprehensible. Like Augustine, he too rehashes the understanding that God is all-knowing within each person of the Trinity and as a whole, and that He reveals to us enough of Himself to suffice, never showing us that which we cannot yet bear. He concludes by imploring us not to neglect, but to be content with and abide in, these truths. I must here state that unless it be assumed by his archaic vernacular that being content does not simply mean to be satisfied and cease endeavoring for more of His knowledge, the admonition to be content with these truths contradicts Scripture. God on multiple occasions exhorts us to seek to know more
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