Summary Of ' Julian Broke Up With Me That Night '

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Julian broke up with me that night. “Uh, Brianda,” he said as he walked with me, “I think we should take a break, but I’d like us to remain friends.” I was devastated. My best and closest friend, the sister I always wanted, the caring companion. She had many descriptions to her, but sadly bad friend was also one of them. It all started in the beginning of High School. It was our very first time in a new school, I can just remember how we were wishing things wouldn’t change. But they did. Growing up, our friends are the world to us. We see our closest friend as a person we can count on, have fun with, share all of our secrets with and, find relief in. We trust them and never, ever think our friend…show more content…
Just a look from Julian made every single girl melt. Melissa and I were no exception. The first argument we had was about Julian. Melissa thought he should like her because he had known her longer than me, and i thought he should like me better because I liked him first. I remember eating lunch with Melissa and my mom at Mcdonalds, discussing my future quinceanera and whom I was going to invite. Of course, I was going to invite Julian to the party, but Melissa and I actually got into a fight about who was going to dance with him first. “I’m going to ask Julian to be my date to the party,” I told Melissa. “You can’t ask him to be your date, I was going to ask him to be my date.” Melissa replied. To finish the argument, I remember my mother telling us that we should leave that decision to Julian, and we agreed. This was difficult for me because with Melissa would always want to win the argument, and of course, I wanted to win too. I remember thinking that it was MY quince, therefore I should 've had special treatment that day, not Melissa. She could feel special on her birthday. I was determined to get Julian 's attention, I didn’t care if Melissa also liked him because she also liked 10 other guys. The day of my quince had finally come. Julian was there looking like a movie star with his dark, shiny hair falling down over his dreamy, brown eyes. The moment arrived, the first slow dance, and he asked me to
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