Summary Of ' Just Souls And Just Actions ' The Value Of Justice ' Plato 's Republic

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Monika Mahmutovic (301180032) PHIL 350 Summer 2015 Instructor: Dr. Eric Hutton June 11, 2015 Just Souls and Just Actions: The Value of Justice in Plato’s Republic In the Republic, Plato through the mouth of Socrates attempts to engage in a discussion with Plato’s two brother, Glaucon and Adeimantus, who challenge him to address the value of justice and, why it would always be more profitable to act justly rather than not. But before we have even made our way through half of the Republic, Glaucon seems to believe that they have successfully answered this question by the end of Book IV. He takes it that after Socrates has explained what it is for the soul to be just, the profit of being and acting just follows. Throughout this essay however, I will argue that Glaucon’s conclusion that their question of the value of justice has been answered—if we can take it as a conclusion—is unsatisfactory in the very least. The insufficiency in the argument stems from the ambiguity in the relationship between just actions and their necessity for the maintaining of a just soul (which I will later discuss in greater detail). Despite Socrates’ claim then, that just actions are required to sustain a just soul, I contend that, at this point in the Republic, their discussion of justice and its value has left it nonetheless possible for an unjust action to be more profitable to a person, without that action being necessarily detrimental to the justice of their soul. First, however, I will

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