Summary Of Keeping Close To Home By Bell Hooks

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In “Keeping Close to Home: Class and Education”, bell hooks writes about her experience with her family as she, a young educated black woman, first of her family, goes off to Stanford University. While her parents’ attitude towards her leaving her home to further her education was not the best, hooks used this struggle to make an educated point that while pursuing a higher education, it is important for young adults to maintain family and community values. While reading this essay, I not only agreed but also connected personally with hooks’ point about never forgetting where you come from due to my family’s immigrant background. Bell hooks’ family made it very clear that they did not agree of her decision to go to a school so far away from her home because they were afraid that she would forget about her family values and ideals. However, hooks explained that her family values and ideas would remain untouched for she knew the importance of keeping close to home. “The most powerful resource any of us can have as we study and teach in a universal setting is full understanding and appreciation of the richness, beauty, and primacy of our family and community backgrounds,” (hooks 427). Hooks speaks on her parents’ fear of her losing sight of family ideals. While reading this, I could not help but think about how my family was the same way with my siblings and I. Coming from a self-made family, my parents have harped on the importance of education and never forgetting that we’re
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