Summary Of ' Kidnapped ' By Robert Louis Stevenson

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Book Report Part 1 Mr. Welch - English Name: Rachel Alarcio Title: Kidnapped Setting: (Where) The novel primarily takes place in the Highlands and off the northern coast of Scotland, with the minority taking place in the Scottish Lowlands. Protagonist(s): David Balfour Period: Two Author: Robert Louis Stevenson (When) The story takes place from June 1751 through the end of August 1751. Antagonist(s): Ebenezer Balfour Describe the relationship between the protagonist and antagonist. The relationship between David Balfour and his uncle Ebenezer Balfour is one of suspicion, trickery, and animosity. For instance, in the beginning of the novel, the moment when David, “… began to imitate his [uncle’s] covert looks; so that [they] sat at the table like a cat and a mouse,” helps the reader understand that David and his uncle are both players in the silent game of predator and prey. (19) Ebenezer is like the cat since he is planning his “capture” of the mouse (David). In this scene, however, both the cat and the mouse observe each other, each planning their individual victories. In addition, at the end of the story, it is David who tricks Ebenezer into confessing his crime. (210) David’s plan for beating Ebenezer at his own game shows the reader that he is finally more cunning than his uncle. It is evident that David is now fully capable of predicting his adversary’s moves and planning accordingly. In the beginning, injustice rules their relationship, then later in the
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