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To Kill A Mockingbird Racial relations have always been hard. No matter, if they were between Christians and Muslims, Germans and Jews, or even the White and Black men, we have always been racially prejudiced as a whole people. A lot of countries’ government workers like to separate the minority just because of their skin color or the sound of their voice, especially, the white and black men in the United States. Many families are still not letting their daughters date a dark skin. Many cops are literally arresting African Americans for everything. It hasn’t changed much through history. I believe all we have done to change this prejudice is getting rid of an abundance of segregation laws and many more friendships are biracial. Our history of prejudice is horrible, yet it is evolving into something a little smaller, such as, the Tom Robinson case in the ‘30s, the Scottsboro Trials in the ‘30s, the Emmet Till Murder Trial, and also the case of Bruce v. Samuels. The Tom Robinson Case in To Kill a Mockingbird was very racially prejudiced from the start. The difference between the Ewells’ version of Tom Robinson and the actual Tom Robinson is that the Ewells’ version of Tom had every intention to rape a white woman and couldn’t control his animalistic lust or needs and the actual Tom was a great husband and father, and he was also kind, compassionate, and all-around loved people. The Ewells’ version of Tom Robinson had no motivation but to just rape her. The actual Tom

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