Summary Of ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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The setting of To Kill a Mockingbird is in Maycomb County, which is a unrealistic district in Southern Alabama. The years are in the early 1930s, the time of the Great Depression when poverty and unemployment were a widespread in the U.S. The town of Maycomb is pretty sloppy because streets are not paved and got turned into red slop ( red mud). The people in the town are really nice and had a bunch of old ladies baking delicious cakes and town sheriffs saying folsky things. The courthouse is described as sagging in the square.

Jean Louise Finch the young narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird that prefers the nickname Scout. Scout Finch is very appropriate and well fitting to the story. The character asks hard questions that people couldn’t answer, but those questions aren’t politically correct, but can ask these questions as a child. As a child Scout does not understand the full suggestion of the things happening around her, making her a objective observer and reporter in truest sense. Scout has a combative streak and has a basic faith of goodness of the people of her community. Jem Finch ( Jeremy Finch) and Atticus Finch are Scout’s brother and father. Jeremy or Jem Finch is a continuous playmate of Scout and also the big brother of Scout. Jem is a typical American boy, who refuses to back down at challenges and dares. When Jem is four years older than Scout, he separates himself from Scout’s games. Atticus is the father of Jem and Scout Finch, he is a person…

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