Summary Of ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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Jack Scott
Pre AP English III-8
29th April 2016 To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 1-11 Retest assignment The novel of TKAM takes various readers across the world into the many places of human life behavior that is compelling to the individuals containing dramatic experiences of kindness,love,passion,and cruelty, all in which is present throughout the book.
The reasons for exploration in the novel’s larger questions takes place within the own perspectives of the children in which the education of children is necessarily involved in the specific development of all of the novel’s natural themes. The role of education is important and apparent in the entire book. Towards the beginning of the book, Scout is getting ready to start the first grade and shows that she is excited for this, however after school starts, she alters her opinion on it and hates it. The school system is starting a new system for the students. Scout has been guided how to read like her father, Atticus. Scout 's teacher, Miss Caroline, of whom is an angry and vicious about this and tells Scout not to learn anymore outside of school causing this to upset Scout very much. Harper. Lee goes on to illustrate or show us that education is not just specifically found in schools. The important and significant aspects of education that Scout and Jem learn from Atticus, is the one of if not the best piece of influential advise the children will ever get. Atticus ultimately wants the children to…

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