Summary Of ' Kill War '

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Ayana Jakes
English 1010
Essay 2 Draft 2
Sabrina Blaum
Sept. 22, 2016

Words Kill War

The picture portrays speaking out. Telling leaders to talk about the problems you have with each other instead of killing the innocent. Wars all over the world are not being talked about enough. It’s sad that we as people have simply became comfortable with people killing others simply because they are doing something we do not like. We also don’t act upon the killing of thousands of women and their children in other countries. An article states that “talking more equals less fighting. Choose dialogue over death and destruction. That is a sentiment that we can all stand behind. It is not too late to create a world where words kill wars.” Women in Iran are seen as property. They have no rights. A young Iranian feminist stated that her and many other women are against war and they should scream it loud and they shouldn’t be afraid of being heard. Many of those women want children, and want to know what it’s like to be free. They also want to find jobs and be independent. The war and the law is hindering many of those things from happening. The physical, sexual, and violent environment children are exposed to during war is devastating. It destroys their outlook on the people that are supposed to be protecting them. Many children die or fall ill from the pollution from the war. Many doctors and nurses have been killed or left the country. The children and adults who are sick or hurt has no…
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