Summary Of Lana Turner's Collapsed ! By Frank O Hara

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Forum #3 All the poems that we read this time were easy to understand. Each one had a story to tell. These group of poems were more focused on expressing internal feelings through colloquial terms. The poem that I enjoyed the most was Poem [Lana Turner has Collapsed!] by Frank O’Hara. This was because it had an interesting story to tell. The poem starts off about Lana Turner, an actress, who has collapsed. He encapsulates his feelings by expressing it in his setting. He succinctly shows his sadness by saying that it is a bleak, rainy, snowy day in New York when he learns about this news. He was in a hurry, but when he sees the news he immediately stops with the traffic. He shows how he is shocked with the news by relating it to the traffic.
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