Summary Of Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes

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In order for society to understand thoughts and opinions on change, a message needs to be powerful. Messages have to possess a fire that can spark people's mindset to believe and help create change. Langston Hughes, for example, has a fire that has the power to destroy societal negativity. In poetry, the flow of a poets words need to affect people's minds as if they are a hypnotist, and the hearts of the readers should soften. A strong and passionate voice can change events and conflicts, and in the poem “Let America Be America Again,” Langston Hughes displays a strong message with his work that can change a worldwide conflict, which is racism and segregation. Langston Hughes expresses creative literary devices in his poem to create societal change. The variety of devices that he uses are metaphors, smilies, imagery, and more. For example, “Hughes’s body of work, written in various genres, led to his being the most versatile African American writer of his day. Using free verse, black music, dialect, and prose, Hughes depicted black pride and life in America with candor, humor, and deceptively simple language”(Carney 20). Hughes’ writing is very diverse and skillful according to Jonathan Scott, the author of Advanced, Repressed, and Popular: Langston Hughes During the Cold War. Also, in Hughes poem he says, “Let America be America again.|Let it be the dream it used to be.|Let it be the pioneer on the plain|Seeking a home where he himself is free”(Hughes 1-4). These first four lines of the poem already creatively state the topic of his poem using a metaphor, and they announce a change for American society. In fact, one author stated, “For Hughes, the task was to attract American workers to civil rights struggle and social democracy with an advanced literary aesthetic and a steady diet of aesthetic forms and structures that raised their standards, that met their own desires, and that mirrored their own way of seeing and feeling the world”(Scott33-34). This shows Hughes’ literary role and how big it was during the civil rights. Hughes’ personal background in America as an African American gives more depth into his lines about societal struggles. Langston Hughes’ personal background and experiences as an African

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