Summary Of Lifelong Learning : Fostering A Culture Of Curiosity

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Lifelong learning: fostering a culture of curiosity

The article lifelong learning: fostering a culture of curiosity by Toni Eaton published in creative nursing, volume 16 goes in to depth to prove how important the idea of lifelong learning is in the workforce especially for an occupation like nursing, in the paper he goes on to describe the reasons we need lifelong learning and the factors that aid it to be so essential like, evidence based learning, and human curiosity.

Eaton begins by describing how lifelong learning contributes to the development of knowledge and skills in nursing. he stresses the fact that continuous learning is imperative to remain relevant, professional, and accurate as well as to advance in the nursing field. He then shares the two most essential factors to for success in this field which are evidence based practice and the need to be lifelong learner, these both can be achieved through research, education and the desire. Evidence based learning is crucial part of lifelong learning and vice versa. New ideas are brought to nursing through a cyclical cycle of research, application, and education without one of these steps the lifelong learning would not be as valuable.

Nursing as a profession has wide range of career opportunity however once you have graduated school and have gotten a career in nursing the learning can not stop, it is explained that nurses are responsible to keep up to date on all clinical techniques and new advancements, this
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