Summary Of ' Lovin ' Free ' Season Ticket On A One Way Ride '

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"Livin ' easy Lovin ' free Season ticket on a one way ride Askin ' nothin ' Leave me be Takin ' everythin ' in my stride Don 't need reason Don 't need rhyme Ain 't nothin ' that I 'd rather do Goin ' down Party time My friends are gonna be there too" (Highway to hell, AC/DC) A/N schools out but I don 't have the summer vibe yet you know? Once I got home I finished my dinner and smiled to myself for standing up to Adria. "What 's got you so happy" my mom chuckles as she walks into the kitchen. "Nothing much" I say giving her a hug. "Tomorrow is Saturday have any plans?" She asks taking a glass out of the cabinet. "I might go over to a friends house" I say shrugging. "Okay, I 'm going to head to bed I have some things to take care of early tomorrow I love you" she says kissing my forehead. "I love you too mom" I say. She smiles and trudges up the stairs to her room and soon I do the same. *** "I hope you realize that is not happening" I say crossing my arms over my chest. "Yes it is! Dakota already said how much fun it would be and its not like you 've been to a proper high school party before!" She says trying to convince me. "Um I 'm pretty sure that 's a good thing! Bad things happen at those party 's" I say. "Come on the three of us will stick together the whole time it will be fine!" She says. I sigh nodding my head not having the energy to argue with her anymore. "I knew this would be a bad idea" I snap once the three of us pull up to the party. There are people
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