Summary Of Margaret Atwood's 'Oryx And Crake'

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Oryx and Crake is a unique novel written by Margaret Atwood. It explores the United States, before and after the entire human race is wiped out by a viral infection, through the eyes of a man named Snowman who, before the outbreak, is known as Jimmy. While in high school, Jimmy meets another boy named Glenn and the two became friends. They bond over weird hobbies including watching an array of things ranging from open heart surgeries to pornography and online games. One day Glenn and Jimmy need codenames for a game they are playing together. Glenn picks Crake for himself and it stuck as his nickname for the rest of his life. After high school, the two boys went their separate ways. Crake ends up creating a pill called BlyssPluss, which leads to the death of mankind, and his own human-like species that were named Crakers. Crake ends up dying and leaves the mess he created in Jimmy’s hands. This includes the Crakers. In this paper I argue that Jimmy truly cares about the Crakers like a parent because of his miserable upbringing by his. Jimmy’s mom left him and his dad behind one day. Not only did she trash Jimmy’s father’s computer, but she took Killer, Jimmy’s pet rakunk and only companion, with her too. Atwood describes Jimmy’s response, “Jimmy had mourned for weeks. No, for months.” (Atwood, 61). Jimmy probably viewed his mother as the one person that would always be there no matter what and is not supposed to hurt him, so when she did the opposite of those two things,

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