Summary Of Marrying Absurd By Joan Didion

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Joan Didion, the author of “Marrying Absurd”, characterizes the Las Vegas wedding scene as a place “which is set by mobsters and call girls”. Didion ridicules the wedding industry which has created the unrealistic and untraditional Las Vegas wedding. Didion uses a derogative tone, artistic clues, syntax, irony, and juxtaposition to argue that the expectations of marriages are manufactured to economically stimulate the wedding industry while leaving insensible newlyweds.
Didion’s continuous derogative tone towards the Las Vegas wedding scene places her above the newlyweds of the absurd weddings. She differentiates herself and the implausible and bizarre captivating wedding scene that’s unlike any other. She describes the Las Vegas wedding an illegitimate ‘expectations’ for brides and grooms. The use of quotations surrounding the word ‘expectation’ sarcastically details her anecdotes. She even goes as far as to describe the Las Vegas wedding as a children’s game. After noticing “actual wedding parties”, Didion judges the weddings on the basis of her expectations and builds skepticism of the wedding industry. She criticized a young pregnant bride that outspokenly said, ‘“It was just as nice as I hoped and dreamed it would be’”. Sadly society has diverted away from tradition and has been blindsided by business and industries that take advantage of insensible and oblivious citizens.
She uses artistic clues—logos, pathos, and ethos—to explain how untraditional the Las
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