Summary Of ' Martha's ' New York, 2003, 217p

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Henkes, Kevin., Olive’s Ocean, Harper Collins, New York, 2003, 217p.

Summary: Martha is a twelve year old living in the city with her mother, father, older brother and younger sister. It was summer and one day before they depart to the beach to visit her grandmother Martha received a strange visit. A new girl had died at her school a few weeks prior. Her name was Olive and she was hit while riding her bike. Olives mother paid Martha a visit to give her a page from Olives journal. This was a strange incident for Martha because she had hardly known Olive. The journal page Martha received was mostly thoughts but they were significant. Olive wrote that she wanted to be a writer and coincidently Martha had just decided that she also wanted to be a writer but had not told anyone yet in fear that her father might think she was copying him. The journal page also said that mentioned that Olive wanted to go to the ocean and that was just were Martha was about to go on vacation too. Lastly the journal page stetted that Olive thought Martha was the nicest girl in her class and she hoped they could become friends. All this was extremely odd for Martha and couldn’t figure out why Olive had thought she was so nice. Martha’s family was dysfunctional as most families are but Martha felt it was always much worse and she was stuck in the middle. The next day they arrived at her grandmothers house, everyone called her Godbee. Godbee was Marthas favorite person. Her and Godbee were close.

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