Summary Of Maus I: A Survivor's Tale '

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Our group decided to do the final project on Maus I: A Survivor’s Tale by Art Spiegelman. This book has two main characters, Art and Vladek, that interact together throughout the entire story. The group decided a Twitter page would be a great way to show the progression of the story as well as character interactions. The concept, components, and culture of Twitter fulfilled our purpose of showing the moments and thoughts of the main characters effectively, by creating a profile representative of the character and chronologically organize their progressions. The group wanted to somehow effectively visualize the main characters’ progression through the story. Creating a Twitter page was selected since Twitter allows the user to post short statements and thoughts. Posts on Twitter are kept to a 140 character limit, keeping posts brief, but straight to the point. Through these short blips of information, the group wanted to capture certain thoughts or moments as the story progressed. This could reveal some character development. Twitter also allows people to “subtweet” or reply to other tweets. By using the concept of Twitter, we can introduce other minor…show more content…
These seemed like an easy way to cite where we got each tweet from. The number of retweets were the chapter the tweet came originated. Then to narrow it down more the number of likes was the page it was from. Twitter also puts the newest post on the top of the page. This easily solved the issue of how we should organize the posts. By putting the newest post on top and the oldest on the bottom, we created a chronological line for moments in the book to happen. To get an idea where these tweets originated, the “retweets” tell the chapter they’re from and the “likes” give an exact page. The order of the tweets are “posted” from bottom from top, because we wanted to keep the moments as chronological in the book as
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