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“Mending Wall” Robert Lee Frost is a very distinguished author born in March 26, 1874, his work was first published in England before it was introduced into America. He is known for the realism found in his works and his depiction of America he would also talk about certain aspects of England in the twentieth century and used his experience to look at interesting themes of social and cultural nature. By 1915, he had published two full-length collections, A Boy’s Will (1913) and North of Boston (1914), by this time he was very well established as a known author. By the early nineteen hundred he was celebrated poet in America. His fame and honors increased Robert Frost was an awarded author being recognized during his life several times,…show more content…
When hearing the repeated words ("Good fences make good neighbors"), the reader begins to think about the different obstacles or divisions in our life’s like fences or gates, borders, legal line etc. The wall symbolizes this idea of how people, and their relationships with others work and are discussed. Line 13: The wall is ironic because, it separates the neighbors but also brings them together. Line 14: "The wall" is an extended metaphor for the division that separate the neighbors. Line 16: "To each" creates a parallel, as which emphasizes the separation between the neighbor’s Line 21: "Another kind of out-door game" becomes a metaphor for the fixing of the wall making it seem fun to the speaker. Line: 27: The proverb "Good fences make good neighbors" is something can be heard all the time. Line 27:"Good fences make good neighbors" is a paradox when you contrast it with the first words of the poem, "Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” Line 35: "Offence" is a pun it sounds like "a fence." Nature in the poem can be a hidden subject that influences and moves around the main characters in the poems. Nature is not clearly pointed out in the poem and no land scape is described to detail but it’s still clear how the scenery is during that time. like nature tradition is another silent subject that is talked about in the story and brings out this debate about why follow a tradition when there is no use for it. The neighbor

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