Summary Of Michael Moore's Idiot Nation

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In his book “Idiot Nation,” Michael Moore argues that there is too much stupidity in the United States. Explaining that most Americans are more interested in sports and not political issues and congressmen not advocating educational issues. Moore believes that many Republican presidents have tried to destroy libraries and that corporations are sponsoring schools for their own gain. Moore does offer an interesting perspective on the issues he mentioned, but he backs up his assumptions with little to no sources. By backing up claims with a sarcastic tone, Moore’s views on issues seem to be biased. First, Moore begins by attacking sports fans and the useless facts they retain. Moore does not seem to be a fan of sports. He calls a bunch of people auditioning for a sports trivia game “testosterone-loaded bruises you would guess that they were a bunch of illiterates who would be lucky if they could read the label on a bud” (Moore 1). Moore has a problem with sports fans retaining facts, but Moore wants to give a pop quiz to congressmen. Although congressmen should be held accountable for how knowledgeable they are, Moore contradicts himself here. When Moore mentions him remembering a player’s uniform number, he states “Why on earth am I retaining that useless fact?” (Moore 1). When Moore says he is retaining a useless fact, then why should congressmen need to take a pop quiz with a bunch of useless facts? This section of the book would sound better if he had talked about making

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