Summary Of Mildred Pierce And The Women

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In Tori DeAngelis’s research covering the effects consumerism has on individuals, he finds that people having more materialistic inclined outlooks on life are more likely to lose focus on things that can can bring true happiness in the human psyche.(Consumerism and its discontents, 52) Things such as meaningful relationships with loved ones and family members. His findings hold true when analyzing characters in both Mildred Pierce and The Women. In one case, we can see that regardless of the amount of love and care Mildred has shown for Veda, that the relationship they have as mother and daughter means almost nothing to her unless there are constant monetary incentives being presented. The act of Mildred repeatedly trying to buy Vedas love throughout her entire life has caused her to only be “happy” when she is receiving. We also gain depth of Vedas character values when we watch her learn that her mother is going to be separating from her current husband. She knows that her father is the main source of income for the family and this separation would set the family back financially. Immediately she asks Mildred to marry someone she's clearly not all that interested in. For her own stated reason of bringing money into the family so they will be able to afford exorbitant things such as maids, limousines, and a new house. Vedas own materialistic take on life causes her to completely ignore the emotional distress that going through a separation would have on her mother.
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