Summary Of ' Miss Julie '

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Miss Julie... The old lady sat there peering at me with her pale blue eyes, till I began to feel uneasy. Her hair was matted and frizzy, appearing as if it hadn 't been brushed in years. “What 'd you say your name was?” she asked, then reached down, picked up the butt of a cigar lighting it, puffing to get it lit. I had not even spoken a word to her; but I was not going to be rude, so I told her my name. “My names Miss Julie,” she said thoughtfully... “I had a sister named Susan, she was a pretty lady like you.” she mused. I smiled and said thank you, Miss Julie. Then turned back to my sister, with whom I was trying to engage in conversation, to get her out of her own fantasy world. When the old lady spoke up again, saying that she wished she still had a sister to visit with her, as I was doing with mine. “Your sister, she 's a real sweet lady,” she said. “Yes ma 'am, she is,” I agreed, turning again back to my sister. Miss Julie though, lonely for conversation again spoke up and this time my sister joined in, if only for a moment or two, till she again drifted back into her own fantasy world. Miss Julie, looked sadly at me as she said. “You know, sometimes all that medicine, just don 't help, you know…” I agreed, that no it didn 't. We sat and talked off and on, for the remainder of my visit with my sister, and as I was getting ready to leave, she said. “It was nice talking to you, Susan.” I smiled and said, “It was nice talking to you too, Miss Julie”
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