Summary Of Mix A Pancake By Christina Rossetti

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In the poem “Mix A Pancake,” by Christina Rossetti uses a lyrical style to create an effect that makes the reader feel young in order to convey life from a child’s perspective. In order to create this effect and a lyrical style, Christina Rossetti uses simple language and whimsical structure in her poem. The language being used in the poem “Mix a Pancake” is simple and has techniques to it such as word choice and formality. My first piece of evidence is throughout the poem and it is the first words of every line, “Mix, stir, pop,fry, toss, catch.” The evidence I have are the main action words from the poem. The words are simple vocabulary and are easy to understand and read. This creates a lyrical style because the words are readable and are of a child’s vocabulary, like a child wrote the poem. Which is very alike to something you would sing during a hand game. The technique of word choice that creates a lyrical style also makes the reader feel young. Since the words in the poem are words a child would use in elementary school, it makes it seem like a child wrote the poem instead of an adult. This makes the reader feel young because when a reader reads something like a children’s book, the reader becomes reminded of their childhood which can inevitably make them feel young. Another way the simple language in the poem supports a lyrical style and the effect of making the reader feel young is through the poem’s formality. This next piece of evidence is the first two lines of

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