Summary Of ' Murdered Innocence '

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MURDERED INNOCENCE: A well to do business owner is held up by a mugger on his way home from the city to his upscale small community of the well to do. He wrestles with his attacker and being quite fit for his age succeeds in subduing him, disarming him of his bludgeoning weapon. But once he has the weapon in his large strong fist, he is seized with a rage of the audacity and meanness of the experience. And strikes the mugger with a skull crushing blow unconscious of his strength or intent. His face slowly relaxes of violent and fearful contortions, and he realizes that he has killed the man. He sees that no one has witnessed the event and makes a decision to wipe the weapon clean of his prints, throw it beside the dead body and continue home. Though he is free of suspicion, his life from here on becomes a psychological nightmare. At one point he 's taken with a strong urge to shoot his hunting partner, but pulls himself together. Another, a kid on a bike gets in his driving lane at which he honks, but then changes with an urge to accelerate and run the kid over... He catches himself and merely runs the kid onto to the sidewalk, at which another motorist yells..."what, are you crazy, are you drunk are something". He gets out and helps the kid up, but the kid refuses his help and runs off afraid. He gets back in his car and thinks about what has happened and bites down on his knuckles in confused horror. Trying to live with the deed, he suggests to his wife that they should
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