Summary Of ' My Fair Lady '

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My Fair Lady, a movie about a lady (Eliza Dolittle) that was born and raised in the lower class, who meets a snobby professor who wonders why a woman can’t behave like a man. Professor Henry Higgins makes a bet with Colonel Hugh Pickering that he could change this flower lady (Eliza Dolittle), into a proper lady. He takes her in and teaches her how to walk, talk, dress, and act like a lady. Eliza learns the ways of being a proper woman, as Professor Higgins shows her off to the public by taking her to high class parties, where there is a queen and a prince. He fools everyone into thinking that she is a princess and even gets the prince to ask her to dance. Even Freddy Eynsford-Hill, a young aristocrat, falls in love with her, trying to get her to marry him. Taking all the credit and not acknowledging Eliza’s efforts, Professor Higgins drives Eliza away from him. She leaves him angrily, to go off and marry Freddy. Though, as she is gone, Professor Higgins realizes how much he misses her and wants her back because he can’t live without her. My personal opinion to this quite unique story, is that I enjoy it. I usually don’t prefer to watch really old musicals, but with being instructed to do so, I chose to watch this one. I am very grateful that I did chose this movie, because I’ve grown to enjoy it more than I thought that I would have. At first in the very beginning, listening to Eliza’s voice, it drove me crazy. At the same time though, it also made me laugh, because it…
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