Summary Of ' My Hands Were Trembling '

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My hands were trembling. I just could not do it. My heart was palpitating as my blood ran throughout all of my veins. Thoughts were racing in and out of mind. I imagined the worst case scenario. I just could not press the confirm button. My essay was not good enough. Maybe I can tweak it some more to make it better. I need a good grade, and this will not get me there. Self doubt filled my body as I sat at the computer desk anxiously trying to upload my short story to Many people thought that the short story assignment would be fun and innovative. However, many students found it to be more of a struggle than a walk in the park. "Class, before the bell rings, I want to introduce our next writing assignment" Mr.…show more content…
God help me! Within the upcoming weeks at school, I struggled trying to think of a creative topic. I always thought and re-thought topics. I could never find a topic engaging enough that interested me. I finally succumbed to individual pressure and talked to Mr. Wickenhauser. "Mr. Wickenhau--" I started to say. "Hi. How are you?" Mr. Wickenahuser exclaimed as he interrupted me. "I 'm, um, good. Thanks. But, I really need to talk to yo--" "Well, I 'm glad to here that! ' "Thanks. I don 't have a topic yet." I quickly blurted. "Well, what interests you? Do you want a positive or negative story? Or both? First, think of the type of character you want. Then build the plot around him. Find a conflict, then figure out a way to solve it! I know that is not much, but I hope it helps?" "Yeah. Thanks. I will give it some thought." I kept on thinking and thinking and thinking. Then it finally struck me! Why not write about a guy who struggles with addiction. His life is a mess, and he has no one to turn to. Yeah. That sounds good. Why not write about that? With my topic finally decided, it was time to start drafting my story. Little did I know, it would be one of the hardest assignments I would ever write. I drafted, and drafted, and drafted even more. I wrote eight different stories. Nothing was good enough. None of them would get me the grade I wanted.
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