Summary Of ' New Foundings '

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Epilogue: New Foundings
It is a chilly morning in the hustling city of New York. Cars are honking, citizens are yelling, and employees are on business calls. For Jack Merridew, these sounds are nothing compared to Sergeant Crosby 's stentorian wake up call.
Every morning at five o’clock, Jack would start the day making his bed, putting on his uniform, eating breakfast, and heading out for his daily drills. Being in the military has always been something Jack was set on doing. He worked hard to get into the Royal Military Academy in Camberley. So when he got accepted, he felt competent. However, after a month of constant struggles and put downs, he had suddenly started doubting himself. He had given it a few more weeks to see if things would get better, but it actually got a lot worse. Not only did his Sergeant and Corporal tell him he was failing, but his peers were also telling him to leave. He knew he was not his best self. He had to have a break. Leaving was nearly impossible, but he had to find an excuse. He had to talk to many people, one of them being his Sergeant. He told his Sergeant he wanted to visit the United States Military Academy in New York, in case he wants to transfer in the future. Sergeant Crosby gave him a look and harshly replied, “Why? In the midst of your training? Do you really think that school is easier to pass just because you’re currently failing here? Bollocks!”
Jack replied, “It’s not like that Sir, I’ve thought about going there before, but…
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