Summary Of ' Night ' By Elie Wiesel

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Keandre Santiago Mr. Roe English 4 CP Book Report Part 1 Title: Night Author: Elie Wiesel Number of pages:120 Where published: Buenos Aires Copyright date:1972 Setting (time and place): Early 1940s, during World War Two, Holocaust era. starting in Sighet, Transylvania, and moving throughout concentration camps in Europe. Type of book: Holocaust autobiography I would describe the main character Eliezer as polluted. His innocence as a child was stolen. his beliefs that were fueled by his curiosity were put in question and stripped from him. He went into the camp with the belief that there could not be a place as bad as people described. As he watched people starving and suffering all around him his whole mind changed. We see him start to think differently and respond to situations differently. His religion was one thing he thought he would never forget but his time in the camp changed him. He began to question the very existence of a God because of the events that unfolded around him. The first setting that is crucial to the storyline is Sighet where we meet Eliezer and his father. The reason this place is so important is because this is the place where you learn how close he and his father are and where you learn how important religion is to him. Both of which shape the story. If he didn 't love his father why would he try to help him learn to march instep to help him stop being beat on. Or be so enraged and disgusted when the pipel beat his father. If we didn 't find out

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