Summary Of ' Night ' By Elie Wiesel

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When I was reading through our class syllabus I was very excited when I saw this was a required book to read. My sister in law, whom is a History major, had the privilege of meeting Elie Wiesel’s in High School and was lucky enough to receive and autographed version of his book. She told me how emotional is was hearing him talk about his experiences in person, being physically next to someone and hearing them relive their terrible experiences. Night is an autobiography written by Elie Wiesel’s about his horrific experience as a prisoner in World War II living in a concentration camp. Right from the beginning this book is a very intense and powerful read, everything Wiesel discusses and the characters he brings up are all very real. Nothing that he wrote about or lived through is make believe or pretend. The truth is powerful and that’s what makes this book as emotional as it is. He writes his story in a manner that you can truly feel what it 's like to truly feel alone and afraid just like he felt. At one point in his autobiography, he is describing how he feels at that moment as, “Through the blue-tinged skylights I could see the darkness gradually fading. I had ceased to feel fear. And then I was overcome by an inhuman weariness.” (New York: Bantam, 1982), p. 33 While I was reading this book this statement really made me stop and think, about how he must have felt especially with how vivid he explained his feelings at that moment in life, “ceased to feel fear.” In life,
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