Summary Of ' Night ' By Primo Levi

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Night, offers a similar discussion as Survival in Auschwitz but is told in a different style than how Primo Levi told his accounts of Auschwitz. The main difference is that Elie Wiesel was captured with this family while Primo Levi was captured on his own without family or friends present with him. Wiesel being captured with his family members turns the novel Night from an written account to a true family survival story. Primo Levi gives a reader a chance to become involved into a lone survivor experience of what would they have done in order to survive what Levi went through. Rather Wiesel shared experiences act similar to when watching the film “The Impossible”. It gives a element that any great survival stories provide for people and that is what people are willing do to protect the ones they love. Elie Wiesel’s , Night gives that part as well as the feelings of fear that that come when a family member is in danger and when they are loss. In addition to how do they stay strong themselves to make sure that their sacrifice or death was not for nothing. As mention earlier, Night is Elie Wiesel personal perspective and shared experiences of what life was like for him and his family in Nazi concentration camps of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Given that he does with his family the text offers a reader a chance to learn about his family and what he recalled life was like prior to being captured and sent to Auschwitz. “One day I asked my father go find me a master who

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