Summary Of Not Just Study Drugs By Dr. Keisha Ray

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In Dr. Keisha Ray’s essay entitled, Not Just “Study Drugs” For the Rich: Stimulants as Moral Tools for Creating Opportunities for Socially Disadvantaged Students, she argues that we are morally obligated to consider whether or not stimulants can be used to improve the circumstances of children that are underprivileged as a result of social and economic inequality. In this paper I will focus on the value of education and whether stimulants will actually improve the experiences of disadvantaged students and the education that they receive. First, I will elaborate on Ray’s arguments for the use stimulants and her present her premises. Then, I will describe the purposes and benefits of education according to Ray. I will differentiate between the intrinsic good of education and the competitive value of education. By differentiating between these two forms of education, I will argue that stimulants will not actually remedy the lack of opportunities available to disadvantaged students because stimulants can not effectively reduce opportunity or social gaps on a systemic level.…show more content…
She argues that by looking at stimulants from a social standpoint, the opportunity gap is treated on a socio-political level rather than on an individual to individual basis. In other terms, Ray want to “explore stimulants’ ability to remedy social deficits, not biological deficits”(15). According to Ray, this can only be done if we look past the controversial treatment/enhancement distinction. For this reason, she coins the term ‘opportunity maintenance,’ instead, which focuses on the way in which opportunities increase our general well being. Dr. Keisha Ray’s arguments are built on the following
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