Summary Of ' Not Much Analysis

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Once upon a time young Jason was creating his Spring 2016 class schedule. It was looking awesome and he thought he was going to have such an easy semester! His classes seemed simple, Economics 104? Sounds like a breeze. Public Health 160? That sounds easy too. English Writing 112? He has taken English classes since he could talk. That class was going to be a cake walk! Little did young Jason know that English Writing 112 would be one of the classes he would struggle with most that semester. The concept of analysis was something new to him and was the main point he struggled with most that semester. With comments on the first paper saying, “Not much analysis,” young Jason knew that he would eventually struggle with this the most. It all started on the first time young Jason was writing his paper. Young Jason felt very confident in his paper as the storytelling in it was phenomenal and he thought he was going to get an amazing grade. He spent almost six hours writing that paper and he felt like he had enough analysis in there. Of course, when young Jason went up to get his graded paper back, he was in for a surprised. He thought to himself, “I got an 80? I don’t understand where did I go wrong?” Young Jason looked down at the comments. “This is still just summary. I’ve starred a bunch of points where you summarize rather analyze your experiences” (Bowles). Young Jason thought to himself, “Where did I go wrong? What exactly is analysis? Ok, my notes say that analysis is the
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