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Mitthi Jha
Professor Holditch
ENGL 1127
17th July 2015 Façade of Goodness in Flannery O’Conner’s “A good man is hard to find”.

As the saying goes, “charity begins at home”, I say “goodness” begins with one’s own self. Flannery O’Conner’s short story “A Good man is hard to find” pivots on the presence or absence of ‘goodness’ in its characters. One of them being Red Sam, owner of the restaurant where the protagonist’s (GMa) family halts for lunch. Through the character’s conversation with GMa, we are revealed to the two conflicting faces of Red Sam, and introduced to the theme of the story – a good man is hard to find. In search to find out if that’s true, we analyze the character of Red Sam and wonder: Have we found the good man in him or not? Red Sam’s yearn to be noticed as a ‘good man’ is the very hope that discloses his façade of goodness.

Red Sam’s demeanor towards his customers represents his capability of being a good man. Red Sam quickly engages GMa into a conversation expressing “how disappointed he is to not know who to trust”; he further mentions how he didn’t charge two fellows that came by his tower for the gas they bought. Red Sam’s act of initiating a conversation with his customer - GMa, sheds light on his genuine interest to learn about his customer’s opinions, highlighting his amiable demeanor. His disappointment might draw from experience of trusting and being deceived by people. Despite this fear, his act of kindness towards the two…
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