Summary Of Observation

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In this experiment there were a total of 114 participants used. Of the 114 participants, 50 participants were used for each condition, for a total of 100 participants being observed in terms of wether they stopped and looked to see what was going on or they did not stop. The other 14 participants were split into a group of five participants that recorded the data of the 100 participants who stopped or didn't and eight participants played the part of observers in each condition to the artist that was to attract the 100 participants. The 14 participants that took part in conducting the experiment, were 11 females and three males. For the 100 participants, there were 64 male participants and 36 female participants. For this experiment age and ethnicity…show more content…
The artist sat down on a grass area of the inner part of the park, facing a stone paved path walk which allowed passersby to go in either direction. The grass area that the artist sat was shaded but with enough visibility due to the afternoon sun, to be seen from the path walk about six feet away. While, there was no response sheet used, the stimuli used for this experiment was the artist and eight participants who were to observe the artist as he drew in order to attract passersby to stop and look what was going…show more content…
In order to analyze the pattern of our results for this experiment we used a chi-square test. Our pattern of results demonstrated that there was no significant relationship between conforming and the number of individuals around the artist from the expected results by chance, X2(1, N = 100) = 0, p = 1. This pattern of our results did not confirm our
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