Summary Of On Going Home By Joan Didion

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For the first time in 130 years, more young adults are living with parents until their mid thirties. Part of this could be an emotional attachment keeping them from leaving home because after they leave, everything will change. However, many are losing their real sense of home and are just using it as a place where they can avoid paying bills and many other responsibilities. Many young adults now do not understand the extensive sacrifice it is to leave their one and only home. In “On Going Home,” Joan Didion expounds on her struggle to connect with her current house, in a nostalgic and resigned tone, and vivid imagery, symbolism, and comparison Didion expresses the regret she feels every time she remembers she left her “home”. The essay it's based on the time Didion visited her parents’ home to celebrate her daughter’s 1 year old birthday. Throughout the visit Didion couldn't help but feel resentment to leave her “home”. Didion stated that she came “to dread my husband’s evening call” because she didn’t want to go back to Los Angeles or even be reminded of it (2). Didion wishes she could stay in her “home” where she is completely happy. We find her desperately looking around the house for her past “around every corner, inside every cupboard” she “aimlessly” goes “from room to room” looking for something she once lost and will never get back (2). Didion feels the need to reconnect with her family and, although not stated, Didion longs to go back in time and prevent
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