Summary Of ' One Magical Day Blanca Gave Birth On A Girl Named Kiara '

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Once upon a time, there was a lovely couple named Blanca and Raul. They have been dating for several years now and knew that they were right for each other. Then one day Raul proposed to Blanca and she said yes. The two were now newlyweds and now their journey together begins. One magical day Blanca gave birth to a girl named Kiara. Blanca and Raul’s lives changed, they were parents now! They loved every second of being a parent that 3 years later they decided to another kid. This kid was named after the father, Raul. Years have passed and nothing but great things was going on with this family. Every day, the father and son will spend a lot of time together. From going to Dorney Park to just chilling in the backyard playing catch. Kiara would join in on the fun too. People would look at us and see nothing but an average American family. The kids had nothing but love for their father and the father loved them right back. Even the mom had to squeeze in some time to see her husband. In a way we all wanted to be with the dad. But in the end, the son will always win. It felt like nothing will ever drift them apart. But one day, the household changed. The little boy started to see less of his father. It wasn’t the same as it was before. At first it did not bother him because he thought he was working a lot, but he always had a strange feeling. So he continued on and played with his friends and his sister in the alleyway next to his house. He would have fun playing with

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