Summary Of 'One Native Life And' Martha Of The North?

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Throughout history, aboriginal peoples have suffered from different unfair treatments based on their culture. Starvation, separation, denied from their culture were very common situations that would happened to them. “One Native Life” and “Martha of the North” are perfect examples of autobiographies were the Aboriginal peoples and their culture mistreated. Although Richard and Martha in “Martha of the North” both had traumatic and difficult life experiences, the protagonists’ culture were not handle in the same way. While Richard was denied from his culture by his nonbiological family, Martha’s culture was never contradict by her own family. On the first hand, Richard was the only character who was denied from his culture by white people/white family in comparison with Martha. When Richard was adopted by his last foster family, he says, “They would never know that I was born into the Sturgeon Clan, or that the teachings of that clan membership would define me and give me purpose. Instead, they found me odd and left it at that.” (Wagamese, 46) This quote shows that his new family would hide from him his Aboriginal origins even if he knew he was different from all his other brothers and sisters. Moreover, Wagamese had difficulties to make permanent friends because he was always moving away. In his autobiography, Richard says, “ My adopted family moved again when I was thirteen. Ricky Lark was the first best friend I ever had. But then we moved, and after a while the telephone
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