Summary Of Ophelia In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet's love for Ophelia is strangled by the spying, lying, and madness, which poisons the atmosphere of the Royal House of Denmark. Shakespeare's play “Hamlet” tells the tale of murder, love, madness, and lies. The romance between Hamlet the vengeful prince and Ophelia the innocent girl is a love story filled with deceit, sorrow, and insanity. Both individuals, torn between desire and duty, suffer due to the poisonous atmosphere of their royal household. The tragic and toxic romance between Hamlet and Ophelia creates a bittersweet story that enriches Shakespeare’s wonderful and dramatic play. Ophelia and Hamlet’s love is strangled by the toxic people who surround the two lovers. An example of such a person is Polonius. Polonius does not approve of their romance and he is one of the major factors that creates such a poisonous atmosphere for Ophelia and Hamlet.
Polonius speaks to Ophelia about her relationship with Hamlet and desires to know what her true association with Hamlet is. He wants to learn whether the young man has made advances to her. And if so, he wants to know Hamlet’s intention behind such advances. Polonius states, “Marry, well bethought: ‘Tis told me, he hath very oft of late given private time to you, and you yourself have of your audience been most free and bounteous: if it be so – as so ‘tis put on me, and that in way of caution – I must tell you, you do not understand yourself so clearly as it behoves my daughter and your honor. What is between

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