Summary Of Oppressed Hair Puts A Ceiling On The Brain

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Identity shows who the person is. However, an issue will show someone's identity. These days people creates somebody identity by their look, the way people act, the manner people speak. The identity is from family however people aren't able to believe that identity they decide their own manner. Identity comes from teams too. For an example, if you keep in unhealthy people company then your identity are counted as same as them. People can decide you same because of the cluster. Identity comes from society to that is analogous to the cluster. Therefore these days it will depend on upon who you hang around with (groups) and wherever you reside in your identity will come back from that in individual’s opinions. You’ll be able to produce your identity by yourself.…show more content…
In the articles, it even says that everyone Asian appearance alike. an Asian lady was compared with boys that she feels like them even they were male it shows however racism was occurring and the way identity was created even they'd the identity. In the story, “Oppressed Hair Puts a Ceiling on the Brain” by Alice Walker, on page 1090 it stated that “I realized that there was no hope of continuing my spiritual development, no hope of future growth of my soul, no hope of really being able to stare at the Universe and forget myself
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